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Sport Aircraft Maintenance

Virtually every airport has at least one aviation mechanic available, and most airports have several. With airports dotting the planet, this means that there are dozens, or even hundreds of candidates out there who could theoretically maintain your aircraft. The question is: Which one do you trust?

Our maintenance facility is Factory Authorized for most Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers, ensuring expert knowledge, recommendations and maintenance.

Our FAA certified A&P technicians are Factory Authorized Light Sport experts and have the capability for inspections, repair and maintenance across a wide range of LSA aircraft.

Like all departments within US Aviation, our maintenance department is the best of the best. When it comes to Light Sport Aircraft, our staff has been trained and certified to work on Rotax and Jabiru engines, which are found in the vast majority of LSAs. As a completion center for various aircraft, our mechanics know these planes inside and out. US Aircraft Maintenance has become national “experts” in the world of Sport Planes. Not only do our customers bring their Sport Planes to us from all over the region, but Sport Plane dealers and mechanics all over the country call us on a regular basis for assistance and advice.

We invite you to stop in the next time you are in the area and see our expanded maintenance facilities, our bustling flight school, and visit with any of the 120+ members of our friendly staff. Find out for yourself why people from all over North America see US Aviation as THE one-stop-shop in the country.

Rotax iRC Independent Repair Center

Jabiru Engine Factory Authorized Service and Repair


  • Conditional Inspections
  • Pre-Purchase Evaluations
  • Letter Of Authorization (LOA) acquisition
  • Full Avionics Install and Repair
  • Major Airframe Repair: Composite and Metal
  • Major Engine Repairs
    • Rotax - Heavy Maintenance, 5 year Rubber and Hose Replacement, Service Bulletins, Routine Maintenance
    • Jabiru - Overhaul, Top End, Valve Adjust, Crankshaft Inspection, Service Bulletins, Routine Maintenance
  • Complementary Aircraft Wash with Service