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2016 Jabiru J170-D SLSA N772J Certified Pre-Owned


2016 J170-D   N772J    S/N 366   Engine: J2200A

The 2 door, J170-D  is an impressive performer with its upgraded 80 HP J2200 engine. This 170-D is a unique find and a great opportunity for a very capable, slick Jabiru LSA.   95 hours Total Time Since New.  J2200 Roller Cam engine.

2016 Jabiru J170-D   N772J

S/N 366   Engine: J2200A

The J170-D features the same wings and landing gear as its 4 seat big brother aircraft and is the best-equipped Jabiru J170 in North America.  Dual 7″ Garmin G3X Touch system. ADS-B compliant with onboard weather/traffic display.  ACK ELT – 406 MHz with GPS positioning. Full leather interior. AeroLed Wingtip Nav/Strobe Lighting. AeroLed Microsun Landing & Taxi Lights w/ Wig Wag. The new “D” model Jabiru features longer nose and redesigned vertical stabilizer for effortless handling and stability. This Gen 3, roller cam 2200 Jabiru engine has all the upgrades. Enjoy 100 KTAS on only 4 GPH. This little bird will make for a delightful personal flyer or a durable and well-equipped LSA trainer. Night VFR.  Factory maintained and always hangared. Factory demonstrator. Annual Inspection November 2019!

This is a Flying Airplane, Ready To Go!  $69,950