2007 Jabiru J250-SP N236X


SOLD   The J250-SP is the fore-runner to the J230-SP. It provides a shorter wingspan of 30′ and a larger wing area of 120 Sq. Ft.

2007 Jabiru J250-SP N236X S/N: 363 Engine 3300 S/N 33A-1084
260 Hours Total Time, with a single GRT Sport SX EFIS PFD upgraded to Synthetic Vision & Internal GPS, with a moving map. Full engine instrumentation is provided by the GRT EIS Engine Monitor (and ported to the EFIS). Becker Radio, Becker Transponder, PM Engineering Intercom, Backup Analog Airspeed, and a remote ELT head in panel, This plane has a GRT 2 axis Auto Pilot (with servos, but the servos need to be installed). Always hangared. $59,950