USSP was created to specialize in the Light Sport Aircraft market. With a background in the creation and development of the industry, it is natural to provide the benefits of the knowledge and experience gained along the way with those entering the Light Sport segment of aviation.


Scott Severen, Owner

The son of a career Air Force fighter pilot, Scott learned early about aviation as a lifestyle. He began building and flying hang gliders in 1973 and joined USHGA, United States Hang Gliding Association. In the early 1980’s, he founded Lone Star Airpark to provide facilities, services and flight instruction for ultralights and experimental aircraft and eventually became a USUA, United States Ultralight Association AFI, Advanced Flight Instructor, AFI Examiner, and AFI Seminar Presenter. He assisted the AOOA, Airpark Owners and Operators Association as its first president. 

In the early 1990’s, he moved to Tennessee as president of TEAM Aircraft, for owner Wayne Ison, who designed the min-MAX and Airbike ultralight vehicles and experimental aircraft. While at TEAM Aircraft, Scott was invited to serve as president of LAMA, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association. During this period he participated as a charter member of the Part 103 FAA ARAC, Federal Aviation Rule-making Advisory Committee that eventually created the Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot Airman regulations. Scott volunteered as a director and interim president of USUA, United States Ultralight Association. He supported the industry as a contributing writer for UL Flying! Magazine.

In 2004, Scott joined IndUS Aviation. He was instrumental in the effort to acquire the first S-LSA certification of an American designed aircraft, and lead the company to be the first to complete an ASTM SLSA audit. He is a voting member of the ASTM F37 and F44 Committees. In 2011 Scott joined US Aviation Group in Denton Texas and built the US Sport Planes division into one of the largest LSA Service Centers in the US. In 2014 he was appointed to the EAA Ultralight & Light-Sport Aircraft Council, then in 2015, Scott acquired US Sport Planes from US Aviation Group. In 2017, Scott was nominated as a Board Member with LAMA, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association. Later in 2017, US Sport Planes became the North American distributor for Jabiru Aircraft of Australia. In 2024, he accepted the positions of President and Chairman of the Board of LAMA.

Scott is a private pilot, A&P, and has over 2000 hours in powered and non-powered air vehicles, GA and Light Sport Aircraft, with experience as flight conformance and test pilot for light sport aircraft and ultralight vehicles.




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