Gary A.

“I operate my Jabiru out of a field located at 5900′ MSL. Performance is no problem. Most of my flying is over the Sierra Nevada and the Western States deserts. Owning an aircraft that has the power- to-weight ratio of a Skylane with the speed and wing loading of a Skyhawk and enough room to carry my touring bicycle and assorted touring bags– while burning only 5 gallons per hour– has me thoroughly hooked. And guess what? No medical needed.” – Gary Anderson, owner of the very first J250-SP built by Jabiru USA (predecessor of the J230): Still going strong after 12 years, over 1300 hours, and no less than 7 trips across the continental USA.


Mark F.

“Whether you are looking to sell a Jabiru, buy a fine used Jabiru or have your Jabiru serviced, I cannot recommend US Sport Planes highly enough. First and foremost, Scott is a person of great integrity, with a long, outstanding record in the industry. Second, he is a true Jabiru expert. Jabirus are equipped with Jabiru engines–unlike virtually all other light-sport planes that have Rotax engines. Jabirus are excellent engines, but  Scott’s deep knowledge of their specific characteristics is invaluable. There have been many occasions where Scott’s Jabiru experience has been a key to diagnosing and addressing issues on my Jabiru. Scott also has a strong relationship with the Jabiru USA factory folks, and a great network with owners and buyers across America. Do yourself a favor: whatever your Jabiru needs might be, give Scott a call!”  – Mark F.


Leonard L.

I’ve had fantastic support from Scott Severen at US Sport Planes. He was able to locate & introduce me to a Sport Pilot instructor who met the criteria I needed and has been there answering my aircraft questions before, during, and after the sale of my Jabiru J230-SP LSA. I highly encourage and recommend Scott for your aircraft needs! – Leonard L.


John Orton

“Scott Severen is an aviation legend intimately familiar with all light sport and general aviation aircraft. During the past ten years, Scott has served as my go-to guy for all my aircraft, engine, and avionics questions. Scott helped me buy two airplanes. During both purchases, Scott served as an honest broker and ensured I flew away in the right airplane for me. Scott has gained my trust and respect. I am pleased to continue our professional relationship through US Sport Planes.” – John Orton, Attorney at Law, El Paso, TX


Ron M.

My initial contact with US Sport Planes was through Scott Severen in Denton. My wife and I were free the next day and despite Scott not being at the airport that day he drove out and spent most of the morning with us. We each were given a very comprehensive demonstration flight and afterwards Scott spent a couple of hours with us answering all our questions. Just a great Saturday morning. The subsequent purchase of a new Jabiru which was built with our specifications regarding cockpit instrumentation was seamless and fun. Pictures and videos were emailed to me at every milestone during the build process. Delivery was on time with a beautiful airplane that was flawless. Just a perfect, exciting, and fun purchase experience.

After 200 hours of trouble free flying over 18 months our Jabiru still looks and flys brand new. You cannot buy more adventure anywhere for the price of a new JABIRU. ” – Ron M.




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