The J230-D is the flagship LSA model in a long lineage of Jabiru aircraft. And now, with the best engine warranty in the industry – the sooner of 3 years or 500 hours!

Incepted as a Cross-Country, Touring aircraft, the J230 boasts the largest cabin of any Light Sport Aircraft. Its full-size “human-size” third door is large enough to enter, which makes loading your large dogs, camping gear, or golf clubs into the spacious cargo area effortless.

To protect you and your precious cargo, Jabiru integrates an Occupant Protection Capsule – a specifically designed structure, well-engineered and field proven that deflects energy away from its core, protecting the occupants, front and rear. This is supported by the very rugged landing gear, all of which has been time-tested in the Australian Outback, and around the planet, for decades.

The J230D is well equipped in its standard Night VFR configuration, featuring the Garmin suite of avionics: 10.6″ G3X Touch Display, Flight Director, Auto Pilot, Synthetic Vision, Moving Map, ADSB In/Out Transponder, Radio and Intercom. Weather and traffic are on your screen. Electronic Stability Protection, Auto Level and Smart Glide assist in keeping everything in control.  Leatherette seats are standard, along with cabin heat, fresh air cabin vents,  dimming panel lights and touch-screen controlled flaps.

The aerodynamic enhancements of the wings and tail create nearly effortless coordinated handling, powered through the air with the Gen lV 120 horsepower, 6 cylinder, air cooled, direct drive engine. Easy to maintain – Any A&P or LSRM can service the 2,000 hour TBO engine, and all the service manuals are available online, at no charge. Simple. Economical.

Beyond your purchase, US Sport Planes offers outstanding long-term owner support and a community of over 350 Jabiru owners flying in the USA.

Please call Scott Severen for delivery schedules and options at 940-597-6860.

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J230-D Standard Features

  • 120 KTAS Cruise
  • 6 cyl. 120 HP Direct Drive
  • 3 Human size doors
  • Massive Cargo Space
  • Garmin: 10” G3X Touch Display, Com, Intercom, Transponder, Auto-Pilot, ADSB IN/OUT, Synthetic Vision, ESP, Auto Level, Smart Glide
  • Night VFR
  • Leather Interior
  • Window Fresh Air Snap Vents
  • Cabin Heat, Carb Heat

  • Fully Locking Cabin
  • Push Pull Circuit breakers
  • 6 Large Cabin Windows
  • Tinted Windshield
  • Jabiru Composite Ground Adjustable Scimitar Prop
  • 4 place landing gear
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Exterior Vinyl Graphics
  • Rule Change Ready
  • Shipping Included
  • 2 year/500 hour Warranty*

*Whichever occurs first


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