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Jabiru Model Differences

The J250-SP was the first 3 door Jabiru in the US. It has a wing area of 120 sq. ft with a wingspan of about 29’.

The J230-SP (and J170-SP) has a smaller wing of 103 sq.ft. and longer wingspan of about 31.5 feet, so a higher aspect ratio wing – a little more efficient. The 230 wing also has integrated winglets.

Both the J250 and J230 series use the same wings, landing gear, fuselage, tails, engine, etc. as used on the four seat Jabiru J400 series aircraft. The four seat (place) aircraft are the J450-SP, J430-SP, and J430-D. The difference is 2 extra seats in the rear cabin of the J400 series, and the J200 series are registered with a lower gross weight.

With each successive model from the 250 SP, 230-SP to the D, each model is more stable and just a little faster.

The 230-D  has the same higher efficiency wings, same 4 place fuselage, landing gear, etc. as the 430-SP. The vertical stabilizer on the SP’s are a flat plank stabilizer with a rounded leading edge. On the D, the vertical stabilizer is a thicker, airfoil shaped surface, so while being stronger, the re-design was for the reduction in drag and improved aerodynamics that interestingly lends to the stability. The other big change was a reduction in the angle of incidence of the horizontal stabilizer – this significantly reduced trim drag. We know about 30% of the drag in an airplane comes from the tail section, so the work on the tail section was to make the plane a bit more efficient. Each model, successively, from the J250-SP through the J230-D requires less rudder input in flight.

The D have a reduced maximum continuous RPM to make sure they stay within the SLSA speed limitations.

The D’s feel like a little heavier, more stable aircraft – it feels like a step up in capability, performance and stability.

The J170-D has the “D” wing, tail, and landing gear, with a 2-door fuselage and is a hundred or so pounds lighter empty weight, and uses the more frugal J2200, 85 HP engine.







Jabiru USA Air Safety Alerts (J170-SP, J230-SP, J250-SP)

None issued.


Jabiru USA Service Bulletins (J170-SP, J230-SP, J250-SP)

NEW  JSL-008-1 Valve Spring Washer Adverse Wear   08-Aug-2017             JNA-008
NEW  JSB041-1 Jabiru_ Elevator Cable  14-July-2017                                   JSB041-1
JSA-001-1 ELT Activation   27-Aug-2009
JSA-002-1 Propeller Hub Security Inspection   27-Aug-2009
JSA-003-1 Undercarriage Bolt Life   27-Aug-2009
JSA-004-1 Outer Wheel Pant Bracket09-Oct-2009
JSA-005 Inner Wheel Pant Bracket    07-Oct-2010
JSA-006 Auto Fuel Advisory   21-Feb-2011
JSA-007-1 Jabiru Engine Through Bolts/Base Nuts   14-Apr-2014
JSA-008 J170-SP Handling Upgrade  01-Dec-2011
JSA-009 Distributor Rotor Installation  03-Aug-2012


Jabiru USA Notifications (J170-SP, J230-SP, J250-SP)

JSA-N001-1 Starter Ground Cable    27-Aug-2009





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