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Enjoy the Best Warranty in the industry: 3 years or 500 hours, the sooner that occurs.

US Sport Planes is the exclusive distributor for North America of all new Jabiru factory built SLSA and 4 seat aircraft kit sales for North America. New 2023 Jabiru J230-D aircraft are built in Australia and completed in the U.S.
Standard Configuration for the J230-D is generous.
Beginning with being FAA NextGen compliant, all aircraft are Night VFR equipped and safety engineered with the Occupant Protection Capsule designed specifically to protect the pilot and passenger. Parts of the OPC you can see are the Six Large Side Windows in addition to the front Windscreen, offerring unparralled visability. Advanced integration of the Garmin suite of avionics begins with the Garmin 10” G3X Touch Display system, Flight Director, Auto Pilot, Synthetic Vision, Traffic and Weather On-Screen, Auto Level, Smart GlideTargetTrend™, TerminalTraffic and AutoSquawk Technology. The entire Avionics suite with Garmin ADSB, Radio, Transponder and Intercom create safety, awareness, communication and ease of use. All Standard Equipment. A Ram mount is provided on the right side panel for a Tablet.
Garmin ESP (electronic stability and envelope protection) reduces workload, increases safety and allows you to better enjoy flying.

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Contact Scott Severen at [email protected] for details on delivery schedule and available options.


Panel Options

Panel A – Standard

Single 10” Touch Screen Display, Night VFR “+”

  • G3X Touch 10.6″ Display
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Flight Director
  • Integrated Auto Pilot in G3X
  • GTR20 Remote Com
  • GTX45R ADSB IN/OUT Transponder
  • Ball mount for Tablet


Panel B – Cross Country Plus

Dual Touch Screen, Dual Com, WAAS GPS Nav “+”

  • Dual Touch Screen, Dual Com, WAAS GPS Nav “+”
  • G3X Touch 10.6″ & 7” Displays
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Flight Director
  • GMC507 Auto Pilot Control
  • GTR200 In-Panel COM
  • GTR20 Remote COM
  • GMA 245R Remote Audio Panel
  • GNX375 GPS/XPDR (Replaces GTX45R)
  • AOA indicator in G3X

Jabiru Panel Options - Panel B


Panel C – Navigator IFR Capable

Dual Touch Screen, Dual Com, WAAS GPS/NAV/COM/MFD

  • G3X Touch 10.6″ & 7” WAAS GPS Displays
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Flight Director
  • Integrated Auto Pilot
  • GMC 507 Auto Pilot Control in Panel
  • Smart Glide and Auto Level Buttons
  • TO-GA Buttons
  • GTR20 Remote Comm
  • GMA245R Remote Audio Panel
  • GTX45R ADSB IN/OUT Transponder
  • 2nd ADHRS
  • Vertical Card Compass
  • GAP 26 Heated Pitot Tube
  • GI 260 AOA Display
  • GTP 59 Temperature Probe


The Jabiru J230-D

The J230-D is the flagship LSA model in a long lineage of Jabiru aircraft. Beyond your purchase, US Sport Planes offers outstanding long-term owner support and a community of over 350 Jabiru  owners flying in the USA.


The Jabiru J170-D

Australia’s most popular LSA trainer has been improved and updated to the J170-D model. A redesign of the vertical stabilizer, with a more swept stance and a wider airfoil shape, makes the aircraft more stable and require less rudder input than ever before.




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