US Sport Planes provides Aircraft buyers with an affordable “aircraft value verification” service. A pre-purchase evaluation consists of two major elements: the the aircraft documents / maintenance / log records audit, and the aircraft physical inspection. The aircraft pre-purchase evaluation is perhaps the most important aspect of buying an aircraft.  A properly performed aircraft pre-purchase review can save you thousands of dollars; done poorly and it could cost you more than the aircraft! The fact is, MANY aircraft are now offered for sale over the Internet, allowing buyers to choose from more potential aircraft than ever before. Our job is to provide you the knowledge we’ve learned about Jabiru aircraft over the years, to verify the value, and look for potential or hidden costly repairs, and advise you before taking ownership.

The first step is to review the aircraft documents (Airworthiness Certificate, Registration, Ownership history, Lien history…), maintenance records and logs. Then, US Sport Planes can travel to the location of the aircraft.

We can then perform a physical inspection of the airframe, engine, and take photographs of all components of the plane. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed aircraft inspection report and the photos of the aircraft. We will offer our impression, positive or negative. The report and photos will be emailed to you within 48 hours of our return from the inspection (hard copies upon request).

In addition, we are able to act as your purchasing agent to close the deal immediately after the inspection. We can also coordinate shipment or flight ferry of the aircraft from the inspection site. If you have any questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


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