2007 Jabiru J250-SP N587J



2007 Jabiru J250-SP N587J

A very well taken care of J250-SP, Special Light Sport Aircraft.

This is one of the lighter empty weight Jabiru’s leaving more usefull load. Custom paint, even on the wheel pants, make this an attractive plane to own. A functional and unique rear cargo system allows for organized, 2 level storage.

Plenty of included, new maintenance partsand accessories means you’re set for service items for a long time, reducing your cost of ownership. Always hangared and cleaned after flights.

2007 Jabiru J250-SP N587J S/N: 390 3300A Jabiru 3300A S/N: 33A1208

Garmin SL-40 Com, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, PM 601 Intercom. Dual GRT Horizon Sport WS EFIS PFD/MFD Displays. Redundant Analog Airspeed and Slip/Skid.

Bendix King AV8OR portable Multifunction Display (MFD), Electric flap indicator, Electric Fuel Gauges Left and Right, Remote ELT head in panel.

Strobe, Position, Landing/Taxi lights. Excellent fuselage mounted cabin fresh air vents! Unique and functional rear cabin storage system.

White with Navy Wave, gold /red trim. Painted wheel pants. Over $2,000 of new maintenance parts and accessories included to reduce the cost of ownership. Under 550 hours. $52,750