2008 Jabiru J250-SP N637J



2008 Jabiru J250-SP N637J

You’d never guess the airframe has just over 1000 hours on it! ADS-B In and Out!

This factory built J250-SP has a new Jabiru, late Gen 3 engine and Jabiru Ground Adjustable, Composite Scimitar prop, both with just over 100 hrs. on them. Both are complemented with the polished Cummins Aluminum Spinner.

Updated Avionics are great – Dual GRT’s with synthetic vision. And, this plane has ADS-B In and Out – 2020 Comnpliant! Interior is also in good condition with plenty of storage.

Here’s a bargain that is really a great deal for someone wanting a plane that could stand just a little paint work on the top of the landing gear legs and the wing leading edges.

2008 Jabiru J250-SP N637J S/N: 522 Jabiru 3300A S/N: 33A2710

Garmin SL-40 Com, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, PM 1000 Intercom. Dual GRT Horizon Sport HS EFIS PFD/MFD Displays with GPS & synthetic vision. Redundant Analog Airspeed and Slip/Skid.

ADS-B In and Out, 2020 Compliant.

Electric flap indicator, Electric Fuel Gauges Left and Right, Remote ELT head in panel.

Strobe, Position, Landing/Taxi lights. Refreshing fuselage mounted cabin fresh air vents work much better than vents in windows! Painted Wheel Pants.

Engine replaced with new Gen 3 Roller Cam engine in October 2015 engine. With 993 hours on the old engine, it was time for a top end. The owner chose to replace the engine instead of topping the engine, to get the newer engine and upgrades.

Cross Country capable aircraft. Has flown from Seattle to Nasville, Seattle to Dallas…

White with Navy Wave, gold /red trim. Airframe Total Time 1136 hrs. Engine Gen 3 with Roller Cam, Total Time 143 hrs. Prop Total Time 143 hrs. $59,500