2012 Jabiru J230-SP N749J



Gentle and predictable stall characteristics, together with light and responsive controls, make this J230-SP a true sport aircraft.Stall speed without flaps at Gross Weight: 45 KCAS with Excellent cross wind handling performance – 15 knots
Wing and power loadings provide high performance and handling, particularly in turbulence.
Ergonomically designed cabin with 3 doors providing ease of entry for baggage stowage and Removable Seat Covers.
Designed for minimum maintenance. Upper and lower cowls easily removed.
Auxiliary electronic fuel pump for ease of starting and added security in flight.
All the engine management features of conventional GA light aircraft: Carburetor Air Heat, Dual Ignitionwith a Pressure Compensating Carburetor – no mixture control!

2012 Jabiru J230-SP N749J S/N: 802 Engine 3300 S/N 33A-2395
Garmin SL 30 Digital Nav/Com

Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder
GRT Sport SX Display on left with Traffic, Terrain and Synthetic Vision
Second Display on right with ADS-B with weather, via NavWorx
Coupled Autopilot with Altitude hold
PM 1000 Intercom
406 ELT
Tinted windscreen
Electrically operated flaps
Matco wheels & brakes 500 x 5 aircraft tires
Cabin Heat
35 gallon fuel tanks (wing tanks & header tanks)
Optional adjustable foot pedals to cater for pilots who have difficulties reaching the pedals.

Under 500 hrs $76,000