2014 Jabiru J230-D N230AD S/N: 848

2014 Jabiru J230-D   N230AD    S/N: 848    Engine J3300L  Gen 3  S/N 33L-117

8.4″ GRT Sport SX EFIS PFD w/ Synthetic Vision, Terrain & Internal GPS, moving map. GRT EIS Engine Monitor integrated to Glass Display. Two Axis Auto-Pilot with Vertical Commands. Trig TY21 radio w/ intercom. Trig TT22 Mode S Transponder with Extended Squitter – 2020 Compliant. Sky Radar D-2 ADS-B receiver. Weather and Traffic on screen. Three 12 volt power plugs. RAM ball mount. ACK ELT – 406 MHz with GPS positioning. AeroLed Wingtip Nav/Strobe Lighting. AeroLed Microsun Landing & Taxi Lights with Wig Wag. Charcoal leather seats with grey interior and carpet. Gen 3 Jabiru 3300 with roller cam. Always hangared. Custom Maroon Wave Paint Scheme White and Ingot Silver accents. 300 hours Total Time.